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March 14, 2020
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March 16, 2020
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ICU closure: Korle Bu officials need to be questioned – GCNH urges government


The Ghana Coalition of NGOs in health (GCNH) says the closure of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is unfortunate and has urged government to interrogate officials on the non-functioning of the unit.

According to the GCNH the story of patients having to be turned away by hospital officials due to the non-functioning of the unit is dangerous adding persons who are in need of intensive care should not be turned away under any circumstance.
Speaking to JOYNEWS, the Executive Director of Hope for Future Generation, Cecilia Seno said officials of the hospital should be made to account for the complications they have caused patients. On April 5, JOYNEWS reported the unit has been closed for the past three weeks making it difficult for brain tumor patients to be operated upon.

JOYNEWS' Kwetey Nartey who visited the unit disclosed that a brain tumor patient, John Newman was asked to pack home because he could not be operated upon.
Chief Executive Officer of Korle Bu, Dr. Gilbert Buckle promised the unit would have been operational before the middle of March, however, this did not materialize.
Speaking to JOYNEWS, Public Relations Officer of Korle Bu, Mustapha Salifu said the unit would be re-opened in a matter of days by which time on-going work would have been completed.
Madam Seno has, however, expressed worry about the situation adding: “Why did you give time line and [then] you are not able to deliver on the timeline?”
She argued the situation is depriving citizens of Ghana the right to access effective healthcare in the country adding people must be made to deliver on time promised.
She advised management of the hospital to re-channel their funds into getting the unit operational in a matter of days so as to save the lives of patients.


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